Mini Body Camera Small Body cam Lightweight and Portable,180°Rotating Lens True 1080P Wearable&Loop Recording Night Vision Motion Detection, for Meeting/Home/Outdoor/Law Enforcement/Security Guard



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Product Description

Multifunctional Body CameraMultifunctional Body Camera

Multifunctional Body Camera

Bravideo B2 Body Camera is portable gadget in your pocket. This camera includes all useful features you want.

Compact design sense of the camera itself with a clip and strong internal magnets, allowing you to easily carry or attach to any iron metal.

The body camera’s lens adopts 120° wide angle lens, 1080P HD image @30fps, will not miss any corner, bringing you a different experience.

The 180° rotating lens can be adjusted to the position you need to shoot at any time.

Crystal clear image and video quality is crucial to record at any important moments.

4 infrared night vision lights, rotating with the lens, recording in the absence of light is equally important.

Suitable for police on-site law enforcement video forensics,recording business meetings,lawyers for playback,home,Hiking,etc.

Easy to wearableEasy to wearable

Easy to Wearable

The clip on the body camera can be clipped to many places, such as: top pocket, pants pocket, hat brim, folder, backpack, etc. And the body camera has a magnet inside, can be attached to some iron metal, such as: refrigerator, shelves, keys, etc.. Because of its unique design, so that it has more use scenarios.

 No light at work No light at work

180° lens rotation180° lens rotation

120°wide angle lens, infrared night vision120°wide angle lens, infrared night vision

No light at work

There are indicators on the side of the body camera to indicate the working status of it. When you turn on the camera, the body camera’s blue light is always on; when you record, it’s blue light flashes 3 times and then goes off. In the process of recording video, the indicator will be in the off state. Of course, you can confirm the status of the camera by pressing the photo button.

180° lens rotation

For the body camera, each person wears it differently, but most cameras will have the picture inverted after the lens is rotated 180°, so it is not convenient to record video after rotating the lens. However, with our Bravideo B2 camera, you can set the front side of the lens with a TXT file, allowing you to get frontal video even after rotating the lens. You can wear it how you want, just set it on your computer to 0 or 1.

120°wide angle lens, infrared night vision

The body camera uses a 120°wide-angle lens to capture a wider range of images. 4 infrared night vision lights that rotate with the lens to make your shots more convenient.

Type-C interface, video while chargingType-C interface, video while charging

Time watermark functionTime watermark function

Supports up to 256GB Supports up to 256GB

Type-C interface, video while charging

The body camera uses type-C charging port to make charging easier and faster. The body camera takes about 3 hours to charge and can record video for about 6 hours. You can also connect the camera to a charger, rechargeable battery,computer or other devices to let it record video while charging.

Time watermark function

The camera can automatically add a time watermark when recording video, so that all recorded video files have the time and date stamped directly on the video. This provides clear evidence of the exact time of the event.

Of course, if you do not want the time watermark to appear on your video, you can also turn the time watermark feature off by setting up a TXT document. (Note: It needs to be set up before recording, if the video recording is finished, the time watermark will not be able to be re-added or removed.)

Supports up to 256GB

This body camera is featured with memory-expand features, which has 16G/32G/64G/128G/256G(max) memory support.

We do not give away memory cards, when you receive the camera, you need to match your own suitable memory card in order to use.

Specification ParametersSpecification Parameters

What's in the box?What's in the box? What’s in the box?

B2 Body Camera*1USB-C Data Cable*1Card Readers*1Reset Pin*1Cleaning Cloths*1User Manual*1

Specification Parameters

Video resolution:1920*1080P/1280*720P 30fpsVideo format:AVI 16:9Photo:4032×3024 JPGBattery capacity:Built-in 1050mAh polymer rechargeable lithium batteryVideo recording time:6 hours of video recording when fully chargedLens angle:120° Lens rotation:180°Charging port:Type-CStorage medium:Support 8-256GB TF card Motion Detection:SupportedOther functions:loop recording, segmented recording, infrared night vision, time watermark.

Applicable to a variety of scenariosApplicable to a variety of scenarios

USB flashUSB flash

Easy to carry and installEasy to carry and install

Applicable to a variety of scenarios

Humanized design, light and portable, widely used in study, interview, lecture, hiking, bicycle, meeting, court deposition, etc.

USB flash

Keep track of important meetings and what’s happening at work to make it easier for them. Portable size and light weight make it easy to wear and carry. Can be used as a USB flash drive without a card reader.

Easy to carry and install

If you want to record and save this wonderful moment when you gather with family and friends, this body camera can meet your needs. The 0.35-inch body thickness allows you to easily install it at home or office.

B2-step 1B2-step 1

B2-step 2B2-step 2

B2-step 3B2-step 3

Step 1

Step 1: Please insert a high-speed genuine memory card of C10 or above, 16-256GB.

Memory card capacity: 16-256GB

Memory card format: FAT32 32KB/64KB

Please note that:

1. If the card speed is too low, it may cause the camera can not record.

2. Incorrect format, the camera will automatically format the memory card, which will result in the loss of your data, please save in advance.

Step 2

Step 2: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, the blue light will come on and the camera will turn on.

It takes a few seconds for the camera to fully boot up, which is related to the capacity of the memory card you are using; the larger the memory card, the longer the boot time.

Please note that:

1. after the camera is turned on, the blue light and the yellow light will be on at the same time, you need to wait until the yellow light goes off before the camera is fully started.

2. Full start-up time is expected to be:16G about 3s;32G about 6s;64G about 10s;128G about 30s;256G about 1min.

Step 3

Step 3:Standby state (blue light on, no yellow light), short press the power button (video button), the blue light flashes 3 times and then goes out, the camera starts recording video.

Please note that:

1. the power button and video key is the same button.

2. video recording process, the light is off, if you want to determine the state of the machine, you can short press the photo key, observe the light changes to determine the state of the machine (short press the photo key, if the light blue light flashes rapidly, that the camera is recording video, if the light does not change, that the camera is off)

【HD 1080P,120°wide-angle lens】Perfect wearable design, With the 1080P and 120-degree wide-angle lens, the B2 camera can take instant pictures and stable and clear videos. With a 1080P sensor, the body cam captures over 12 million pixels(4032×3024), automatically saved.And it captures details clearly so you can get videos or photos with better picture quality.
【6 Hours Battery Operated】The B2 body camera comes with a built-in high-quality 1050mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can provide 6 hours of video recording .In addition, you can insert the camera into the USB charger or other power suppliesto keep it on.
【Multi-function camera with 180° lens rotation】The body camera’s lens can be rotated 180 degrees, suitable for a variety of angles to shoot.It can be used almost anywhere, whether at home, in the office, in the warehouse,In the corner of the backyard or the store, or even as a car camera or an aerial camera.The back clip are designed to be easily clipped in the pocket/collar/portable, it can also be used as a USB micro-SD card reader.
【Night Vision,Motion Detection】This body camera equipped with 4 infrared LEDs, can capture clear footage up to 10feet away in dark.This body camera to start recording when movement is detected. Largely saves storage space and no need to remove useless records frequently. Support 8GB to 256GB memory card.
【Easy to carry and simple to operate】This body camera size is 3.7×1.2×0.35(inches) and weighs only 38 grams, making it easy to carry and an easy-to-use camera for capturing quick moments.The three buttons are clear and easy to operate.Suitable for Meeting/Home/Outdoor/Law Enforcement/Security Guard/Office/Hiking etc.

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